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Promoting healthy local food & artisanal beauty.

Woodland has been a premier farming community in Southwestern Washington for over 100 years and is also internationally known for its tulips and lilacs.

Continuing the tradition of providing healthy locally grown food the Woodland Farmers Market provides a great experience for locals and tourists alike. Just 30 minutes North of Portland on I-5.

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Woodland Farmers Market 2014

Returning this Summer!

The Woodland Farmers Market has set the dates for this years market.

Woodland Farmers Market Vendors

Woodland Farmers Market Vendors

This season we will begin with an opening celebration in cooperation with the Woodland Planters Days on Friday June 20th, 2014 @ 4pm. We will be open every Friday throughout the summer until Aug. 29th, 2014. This year we are really working hard to bring an extra abundance of local produce. We have been beating down the doors of local farmers. It extremely challenging to get farmers to see the value of selling their produce locally. So, if you know a farmer, encourage them to sell local. Last season we had a few food vendors, this year we’re working to add more. We believe that part of the local market environment is the smell of fresh local foods in the air. Help us to promote our market by referring local food vendors, carts, trucks and stands to contact and participate in our local economy!

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